Building a Centralized Data Platform for 16 Companies in 12 Weeks

Carbon6 is an all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers to run their businesses. In order to accomplish this mission, Carbon6 acquired 16 companies within the span of a year.

The Challenge: Having so many different operating tools and technology stacks under one roof made obtaining critical operational data increasingly difficult.


Business teams were unable to get real-time, reliable sources of truth in their operational systems

Built out a data platform on AWS using Airflow and Redshift which produced highly reliable data at a 30 minute cadence.

Needed to populate the newly implemented CRM system (Netsuite) with fresh and reliable data

Created ETLs and reverse ETLs for Netsuite to populate the CRM with real time fresh data.

No consolidated view of all user records, with each company having its own fragmented set

Aggregated all user records and created a single customer 360 view across all entities


total companies integrated
time to deliver
Custom Connectors

The Process


Build Out


The Boosted team has become a critical partner to Carbon6, working deeply with us to tackle our toughest data challenges and API integrations that would have taken months more without their experience and involvement. - Brett McLaughlin, CTO


Financial reporting refreshed on a 30 minute cadence

Reverse ETLs built into CRM system

Single source of truth through the data warehouse

Data integrity and reliability with automated data ingestion and transformation

Operational improvements from insights derived from the data platform

Scalable Data Infrastructure using Airflow on EKS

What was built