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Boosted websites are the perfect combination between a landing page and a traditional website, making you stand out in a crowded market.
In a world of static websites, we bring you delightful interactions, so your clients will have a strong emotional desire to choose you over your competition!
AND Happy clients will make you a happy business owner.
Creating the perfect mix of business goals, company brand and a great visual story, our seamless one page experience will increase engagement, conversions and encourage word of mouth sharing.
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Our smart websites are goal-driven

We strive on increasing your conversions, so you get:


The secret sauce to make more sales on your smart site is to add a great design that builds confidence in your brand and a frictionless experience that guides the user to take action.


The key to grow your downloads is to combine smart design that talks to your user’s pain point with an irresistible call to action.


A great web site shows the strength of your brand. This will drive visitors to your social media channels to keep up with your web presence.


Start your relationship on the right note making it easy for your visitors to sign up. Your client database will grow in no time!


Great design is unforgettable. This is the key to making your clients share your smart site with their friends and colleagues, driving more leads to you.


A trustworthy site with a captivating visual story and an easy submission process will drive your clients to happily hand over their information.

Beautiful handcrafted design making each website unique!

Some of the amazing clients we have worked with:


A fully fledged product page that converts successfully.


A fully fledged product page that converts successfully.


The focus was to launch the new service.

THE RESULT: On average, every new signup refers 3.17 friends.


The focus was to launch the new service.

THE RESULT: On average, every new signup refers 3.17 friends.

Works on any device

According to Similar Web, 56% of web traffic is now mobile.

Reach all your potential customers, wherever they are, with our fully responsive smart websites - they adapt to any screen size, large or small, wide or tall.

They're mobile friendly by nature.

They're really smart

And come deeply integrated with the best ad tracking and analytics services out there to provide you with the right answers on what you should do next.

Heap Analytics helps get back in time and retroactively answer questions about how your users interact with your site.

Just like Heap, Mixpanel tracks everything your potential customers do, so you can slice and dice the data at a later time.

There is no better way to understand what visitors are doing on your website than Google Analytics. Easily find out who, what, when, and where they arrived from.

HotJar helps you see how visitors are really interacting with your website using heatmaps, allows you to collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.

I want my smart website

Your website delivered in 30 days*Now that is fast!

And here is how we are going to do it:

Day 1

The Discovery


We will start by understanding your business goals and market with a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by a Skype or phone call, to get to know each other.

Project Kickoff


Once we understand your goals, we agree on the outcomes we aim for, on what we need from you and on what we'll deliver.

Design & Iteration


We then show you a design proposal and ask for feedback. Two major changes are included for free. We want you to be 100% happy with the design.

Development & integration


Based on your feedback, we bring the final website to life, add the delightful integrations, and integrate it with important services.

Day 30

analytics & Delivery


Before we wrap the project up, we set up all the analytics, so you will know exactly what works and what doesn't, where your customers are coming from and how to get more.

The right set of features

  • Works on any device i
    Instil trust into more than 56% of potential customers that browse the web from mobile devices (according to Similar Web) with a smart website that looks gorgeous on small screens and behaves impeccably!
  • Bespoke design i
    Each website we build is uniqueshowcasing your strengths and making you stand out in front of your competition.
  • Smart interactions i
    We use the best available web technologies to build delightful interactions that create a memorable user experience, so your potential clients will remember and tell their friends about you.
  • Very fast delivery i
    If we get what we need from you in time (the website content - images and text), we can deliver the website very fast, enabling you to focus on growing your business.
  • Professional grade analytics i
    You can only improve what you can measure. We set up the best analytics services for you, so they are easy to understand and give you the correct answers when you need them, in order for you to take the best decisions.
  • Experience first design i
    Every single design element or delightful interaction that we add to the website has a single purpose: to create a strong emotional response in your potential client, so there is no other option for them but to work with you and only you.
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