0 to 1 product build in 3 months

About: Choir is a risk analytics product tailored for leaders in financial institutions that want to drive well-informed strategic decisions.

The Task: We were brought on to build the Choir product from scratch and act as the initial tech team as the company geared up for their Series A.



The Process


We worked with the Choir executive team on a 2 week sprint in order to understand what the most important features are for the products MVP. This process resulted in a detailed product roadmap + architecture design.

Build Out

We broke the project up into several phases, this allowed us to have concrete milestones to track progress against while still being able to be nimble and iterative in response to customer feedback around the product.


We were able to successfully deliver an MVP of the product which allowed Choir to achieve their intended customer and revenue goals.

When it comes to turning ideas into remarkable products, I can't recommend Boosted highly enough. They've been an absolute game-changer for our business. - Gil Rosenthal , CEO


What was built

Data Platform: A robust data platform capable of ingesting data from any financial institution and delivering actionable insights.

Web Application: A hub for risk professional to view risk insights around their product and collaborate with their own team + a team of expert risk analysts.