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Empowering businesses with data-driven agility, our services accelerate you from zero to actionable insights at lightning speed.

Data Visualization

Enhance data storytelling with our visualization service. Craft compelling visuals using integrated apps for creative freedom, captivating your audience and conveying your unique story effectively.


Unlock data insights effortlessly with our cutting-edge semantic layer, featuring automatic data updates, quality checks, and dependency management.


Unlock data insights effortlessly with our cutting-edge semantic layer, featuring automatic data updates, quality checks, and dependency management.

Data Infrastructure

We are cloud experts, offering personalized solutions that ensure security and reliability for your infrastructure needs. Strengthen the foundation of your infrastructure and your business..

Our expertise

We're proud to have partnered with industry leaders, fueling their
success through our unparalleled data platform expertise.

Zero to insights at lightning speed

Often, organizations are able to understand the importance of solid data infrastructure, but struggle to move from blueprint to final product. Common issues of data systems that limit important functions like gaining insights and embracing future possibilities are:

  • Breaking silos between structured and unstructured data
  • Unifying teams working with different tools and languages
  • Enforcing consistent enterprise-grade security and governance

Our team of experts can create a strong foundation to help you get the most out of your data.

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Building a solid data infrastructure enhances organizational efficiency and productivity, common prevalent challenges are:

  • Data transformation issues
  • Slow connectivity
  • Limited scalability
  • Insufficient open-source data capabilities

Our pipeline system features diverse automated connectors for real-time data updates, PII/PHI anonymity, and tailored adaptability. Let Boosted enhance your data's availability and integrity for better data-driven decision-making.

Data Pipelines

The key to success with any visualization and reporting layer is credibility; earning the trust of your decision makers, stakeholders, and clients. Without trust in automated data:

  • Manual data reporting becomes too time consuming
  • You have higher chances of unorganized and misinterpreted data

At Boosted, we excel in generating automated reports, keeping data fresh as it flows to downstream stakeholders. We create quality checks on reports that proactively notify of anomalies (built in order, and on time) and avoid reporting bad data downstream.

Experience peace-of-mind with a high-integrity reporting pipeline that earns the trust of all stakeholders in your organization.

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Accelerate your machine learning initiatives with our robust ML Operations (MLOps) solutions. Our streamlined approach:

  • Optimizes the deployment, management, and continuous refinement of your ML models.
  • Ensures seamless integration into your business operations.
  • Focuses on automation, reproducibility, and scalability.
  • Empowers teams to efficiently develop, test, and deploy ML-powered applications.

From data preprocessing to model monitoring, our MLOps framework guarantees agile and reliable performance, allowing you to harness the full potential of your data-driven strategies.

ML Operations

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Data modernization to pave the way to a new way to health care

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Zero to one product build in three months.

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Centralizing 16 companies into one data platform in 12 weeks.

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