Improving health outcomes for 4M+ plan members

Green Shield Canada (GSC) is a holistic health care payor-provider that combines insurance benefits with health providers. With a vision to simplify your health journey, GSC acquired several health service providers and integrated them into one experience, launching a first-of-its kind integrated solution.


Multiple acquired companies built on unique tech stacks, leveraging different authentication services

Vertically integrated payor-provider product merging insurance and health services into one central product

Decentralized data systems with no unified health record

Central identity management service, connecting all applications under one unified health record

Fragmented architecture, making changes complex and slow to execute

Rebuild of 5 applications, leveraging a single design system and language platform for scalable configurations and a cohesive experience


increase in conversion rates
# of applications
new products
Systems Implemented

The Process


Build Out


Choosing Boosted for our product development needs was one of the best decisions we made. Their team's technical expertise and strategic insights streamlined the entire development process, saving us both time and resources. Their attention to detail and proactive communication made the entire collaboration seamless and enjoyable. - Luke Vigeant, SVP Product


What was built

Seamless integration with hybrid SSO

Consent management service for DATA, Marketing Compliance

Migrate from on-prem systems to GCP

Full data system integration across all applications for a single health profile

State-of-the-art cybersecurity protocols and business continuity plans ensured by leveraging pentest and regional redundancy and automatic failover

Infrastructure built on GCP, provisioning, managing and automating configurations using Terraform which streamlines and standardizes infrastructure management, making it more efficient, reproducible, and less error-prone.