How we built a data platform to support health care outcomes for 4M+ plan members

Green Shield (GSC) is a social not-for-profit that is building the first integrated payer-provider in Canada. They offer a new model of care that combines insurance benefits with health providers. We were brought on to build a cloud data platform to support client reporting, client and member experience, and its payer-provider vision


Disparate sources of data from acquired assets and sources.

Deployed scalable data infrastructure using Airflow on GCP’s BigQuery

Deployed a scalable data infrastructure enabling accurate centralized reporting and faster data and product development

Deployed a reverse ETL on CloudSQL for pushing actionable recommendations to plan members

Due to government contracts and corporate regulations, GSC needed a data solution that met stringent compliance requirements.

Designed a compliant data structure for anonymization and encryption/decryption logic, both at rest and in-transit


Time to deliver
Systems implemented
Data stack consolidated for

The Process


Build Out


Working with Boosted to implement an enterprise-level data solution has revolutionized the way we manage and analyze our health data. Their comprehensive platform not only streamlined our data processes but also provided us with actionable insights that have significantly improved our decision-making and future strategies. Their commitment to data security and compliance standards has instilled a high level of trust within our organization, making them an invaluable partner in our pursuit of excellence. - Luke Vigeant SVP Product


Rock solid customer and health population reporting

Reverse ETLs built into CRM system

Single source of truth through the data warehouse

Data integrity and reliability with automated data ingestion and transformation

4 million customer records integrated

80% Reduction 
in report creation time

What was built